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Silk'n SN 002 SensEpil

Top 5 The Most Improved Laser Hair Removals!

1. Silk’n SN-002 Sens Epil!    This product is recommended and tested by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The Silk’n SensEpil you can use anywhere on the body or face. After one treatment only about 5% of the hair will grow back. After 4 treatments you can notice a couple of strays that have grown […]

relaxing at home

13 Proven Steps To Beat Stress!

1. Relax every day! Lack of time is no excuse to not take a daily 15 minutes to yourself. Find a hobby that is interesting for you, take a walk with friends, read a good book, start with yoga exercises … do everything what relaxes you. 2. Take control of your time! With good organization […]

how to prevent-wrinkles

5 Powerful Ways To Get Rid Of Wrinkles!

Emotions like joy, sadness or anger everybody can see on our face. These expressions will leave trails on our face forever. If you think that only possible way to stop time and wrinkled, relaxed face make young is possible only if you do plastic surgery or with the magic botox injection – well you are […]

Top Models

Who is Femme Fatale?

Research shows that women who know their own qualities and those who know how to be happy and fulfilled without a partner, are fatal more than others. А woman looks fatal when something inside her shines out and she cannot explain exactly what it is. That condition she cannot control and one that even looks […]