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Playboy’s 60th Anniversary Cover – Kate Moss ! PHOTOS


There’s simply no better choice for playboy’s 60th anniversary cover than Kate Moss! 

Playboy’s editorial director, Jimmy Jellinek  couldn’t be more thrilled to have Kate on the 60th anniversary cover:“Playboy’s anniversary edition is a testament to 60 years of beautiful women, discerning taste, sexual emancipation, groundbreaking fiction and world-changing journalism,” sats Jellinek.  “Having Kate Moss, a global icon and the most important supermodel of the past 25 years, appear on our cover makes this issue the perfect way to launch Playboy’s next 60 years.”It’s the cover we have all been waiting for,the cover of the magazine double issue features Kate Moss in a kneeling position in a traditional black Playboy bunny suit, white cuffs and a collar, black silk bunny ears, black stilettos and a white pom pom tail. The supermodel, who turns 40 in January,looks sexy and  fabulous !

 Kate for P



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