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Sex With EX , Yes or No ?

sex with ex

Dealing with past relationship is not easy, even if many people think getting over a past relationship is not painful at all. Well it is safe to say that getting over a past relationship is never going to be easy. People often claim a week after they have broken up that their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is “in the past”, but they are not.

sex with ex

It is hard to put all the great things a couple has gone through in a blink of an eye. It is hard for anybody to just let go the things they shared. The difference is that some people take that post-relationship brake up-blow differently. Some are quiet, others want to talk and let all the stuff out.

However, even though a relationship is over, should there be intimate moments every once in a while with the ex? Should there be an innocent sexual moments between two people that used to love each other and now don’t want to have anything in common, except passionate moments? Well, these question will always have both answers Yes and No.

People come back for a quickie or hot sex with the ex because of several things. The first, and most logical reason is pure biology. Men and women have a biological need to have sexual intercourse. The desire to have sex is naturally imprinted in every humans DNK.

sex with ex

Couples have sex on regular basis; they don’t need to go out in bars and clubs to hook up with somebody for a one-night stand. They sex on regular basis and their need for intercourse is satisfied.

When the chain of regular sex is broken by breaking up the relationship, the regular sex routine is broken as well. The body doesn’t know if you are in a relationship or not, it will send out signals that it “needs to have sex”. Since you are single and finding one-night stands is not ease, as it seems, the most natural and innocent think occurs – calling up the ex for a hot sex.

The beauty of it is that you know what satisfaction you’ll get from the ex, unlike one-night stand which most of the time are not hot enough. The ex will trigger that passion from the regular sex you have before.

But as a lot of things in life, this has a negative side to it. Now, even though sex with the ex is outstanding and passion is restored, it doesn’t change the fact that you have broken up a relationship with that person for a reason.

The problem that led to the break up won’t solve itself with several sexual intercourse with the ex. Sex with the ex will definitely ruin your chances of finding someone else to be with and even mess up your next relationship as well.

sex with ex

People turn to the exes for sexual pleasure for many reasons. Some are justifiable to some point; others are pointless beyond the limit of biological sexual satisfaction. Here are several reasons why people turn to their exes for innocent sexual moments .

1. Sex with ex like reaction on disappointment in new experience !

This represents an innocent reason why having sex with the ex is justifiable. Every sexual experience that follows after a break up can be frustrating. There is a big chance that the next sexual partner will not satisfy the sexual desires or the sexual experience is on lower level than the experience from the ex. As a result of disappointment, the most natural move to do is call up the ex and have him/her for a one-night stand to experience the previous passion.

sex with ex

On one hand, this is justifiable as the sexual satisfaction is positive and no sexual self-esteem will be damaged; on the other hand, sex with the ex for this reason means blocking your personal progress in new experiences, whether they of sexual nature or relationship related.

2. Sex with ex as a therapy against loneliness !

Loneliness occurs naturally after a break up. Male and female, it doesn’t matter, the emotions that com up after a break up is not easy to handle and loneliness happens by default. To move past the loneliness process, exes tend to call each other up and hang out a bit; 99% of those talks end up with sexual intercourse at the end.

sex with ex

Sex with the ex as a therapy against loneliness is quite justifiable, as long as there is no one else in your life that will be hurt with this. Once the feeling of loneliness is gone, either the relationship will restart or the sex meetings will stop.

3. Sex as a consolidation !

One last sexual experience or few why not, with the ex after you go your separate ways definitely.
Usually break ups come in a blink of an eye. So, there is hardly any room to enjoy one last final sexual experience before moving on. Sex with the ex as a consolidation – why not? It’s innocent and won’t hurt any body’s feelings.

4. Revenge sex with your ex !

This tends to occur often when the present relationship is not “responding” as good as it was hoping to. For many reasons, the new boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t seem to be ideal, so one of the harshest things to do is to get back at him/her by having sex with the ex. And to top it off, tell your new boyfriend/girlfriend that you did it.

sex with ex

But even though you may spend a great time with your ex, it won’t solve the problems right away. Having great sex behind your significant other’s back will not take the problem away; it will only make things worse.

So, the bottom line is, if you have sex with the ex you’ll get the sexual satisfaction you need as a human being, but it won’t solve the problem that led to the brake up. It may bring the relationship back again, but having sex is not a problem solver of everyday relationship problems. It will always come down to your choice alone on whether those moves are right or wrong.

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