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Simply Magic – Christian Louboutin made Shoes Tailored to Your Skin Color!

Nudes Collection September 2014

Is that possible? Yes, it is, in the end of September Christian Louboutin launches new shoes collection in colors that will match your tan – these shoes provide the effect of “elongated legs” and became a total hit in America!

Nudes Collection September 2014

Louboutin shoes are very classy and they allow short women to look taller visually. There are five color shades and his idea is that “every model nearly or completely matches the color of the skin”

“The idea of my shoes is when you put them on they disappear like magic, and your legs come in the first plan, as well as silhouette” – He said


And added – “All tall women are attractive and the short women are in the shadows. So this is the shoes that provide women an extra lift, to draw attention to your legs and not on what you wear”

You can find them in Christian Louboutin Shops or you can order them through the internet.

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