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Summer Time Challenges! Be Imaginative and Have Sex on Unusual Places!

kissing against the tree

Summer time means warm and hot time; and hot many time associates to sex. With temperatures rising, sexual intercourse is able to expand its location. The bedroom or living room is not the limit anymore. For several months you can enjoy the nirvana of sex on exotic and unusual places.

Change of scenery of passionate moments is always an aphrodisiac. Having sex outdoors brings special enjoyments since the participants are on small alert of being seen, which has its own turn on. The feeling of being watched and not interrupted brings the sexual act to a whole different level. Let’s go through some of the locations where you can spend hot summer nights.


On the beach !

kiss on the beach

It is not a surprise that this is on top of the list. Spending most of the summer time on the beach will get you exposed to many, many hot bodies in bikinis , shorts and Speedos. Looking on all those attractive curves, male or female, always increases sexual desire . So, instead of waiting to return to the bedroom, try and have sex right there on the beach. The sound of the waves will add to the atmosphere for sure.

Try not to get caught since sexual intercourse outdoors is banned on many beaches.


In the water ! 

kissing in the water

The Seawater, the Tub or the Jacuzzi chooses your favorite. Hot and warm summer weather can be very sweaty indoors or in bed. A lot of sweat can be a turn on as well as a turn off. The tricky thing about sex in the water is to try and not slip while doing it. Unsteady positions can ruin the rhythm and the reach of climax.


On the car bonnet !

kissing on the car bonet

If you don’t want to wait to get to the bedroom right after he brings you home, have him on the car bonnet. Since it will be summer night, the outdoor temperatures will be perfect for a sex in the backyard on the car bonnet. It is a change of scenery and place . It doesn’t matter how “hot” the car is as long as the sexual drive is high.


On the grass !

kissing on the grass

Sex on fresh green soft grass is a perfect bed replacement . The outdoor location with summer warm temperatures always adds to the momentum. There is no need to put a blanket, just lay down and return to natures’s benefits with a natural human sexual intercourse.


On the seat of motorbike !

kissing on the motorbike

Now that is a classic and evergreen turn on. Driving on a motorbike with your partner and then take a turn right (or left) into the woods for a quickie is quite the summer time challenge . Using the bike for more than just riding, changes the scenery as well as satisfaction.


On the balcony !

kissing on the balcony

If there is a fresh summer breeze in the night or midday, use the balcony instead of the bed. The balcony deserves to be placed in the same sex location category as the bedroom and living room. Summer time brings hot indoor temperatures – the change to and outdoor location enlightens the senses.


On the boat !

kissing on the boat

If you have a boat, use it, if you don’t – rent one. Sex in the middle of the lake or sea – right on the deck is the true summer time sex location. There is no greater location for the summer than that. Hot weather, boat and water all around is what defines summer, so use the scenery as best as possible. Even the swim after sex is delicious.


On the bench in the park !

kissing on the bench in the park

Since the park is always full of children and adults of different ages, it will be wise to use this location at night. Find the best secluded bench in the park at night and have hot sex in low summer-night temperatures. There should be no worries about getting caught because it is likely that another couple is doing the same few meters away.


Against the wall !

kissing against the wall

Surprise your partner by putting him/her against the wall right there and then. It doesn’t matter what she is wearing, in fact, that is one of the initial turn on. Partners get turned on even in mid day, when they wear simple a simple t-shirt or are shirtless because of the temperatures. A hot body “struggling” with the heat is always on the edge of sexual desire.


Against the tree !

kissing against the tree

If the park bench or the grass is not for you (or you tried it already) have sex against a tree like you do against the wall. The same motions and positions apply against a tree like against a wall. The outdoor setting in the middle of the night, on cool temperatures, with clothes on is an aphrodisiac all by itself.

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