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Team Fashion 2015

Do You Belive That Dreams DO Come True?

World is watching you Last Wednesday in Hilton hotel in Midtown of New York City was held IMTA – International model and talent association. IMTA is the biggest contest on the world of young models, aspiring actors, future rock star singers and dancers. It gathers most influential agents, cast directors and managers in fashion and show […]


Look How Alekssanda Ambrosio and Adriana Lima Looked 13 Years Ago! VIDEO!

Victoria’s angel, supermodel Alessandra Amrosio shared on her Instagram profile photo with Adriana Lima, which was taken more then 10 years ago. Top model Adriana Lima first walked the runway as a Victoria’s Angel in 1999th and Alexander Ambrosio one year later. These two beauties have not changed much for 13 years. WATCH VIDEO! Adriana […]


How cute! Fashion Kids On Instagram With Nearly 1.3MILLION Followers!

The Brazilian Instagram account FashionKids started in February 2012.Instagram account started by Wilson Dorigon, encourages parents to send their children pictures. Today FashionKids account receives more than 400 images from parents all over the world! FashionKids account on instagram  following of nearly 1.3million followers !!!                                   […]