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Are You In A Toxic Relationships?If Yes, Run And Never Look Back!

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? Well, if you are not sure answer these questions and you’ll know:

  • Do you feel exhausted after spending time with that person?
  • Do you have low self-esteem with them?
  • Do you feel like having a huge rock on your chest?
  • Do you afraid of that person’s reaction and worry what would (s)he think?

If most of the answers are YES, then you are in a toxic relationship!

A toxic relationship doesn’t have to be with partners – you can have it with friends, colleagues, or superiors. They could make you feel anxious, frustrated, and really insecure.

The good news is that there is a way to feel good again. You have two options. You could end that relationship, leave, and never look back. Consequences of that are feeling of freedom, higher self-esteem, happiness, and inflow of new energy.

If you are in a situation you couldn’t leave that person (maybe because it’s your boss or colleague) try to accept that. One thing that always helps me is to say everything happens for a reason and there is something to learn from this situation. And there were times when I could leave them, but that time isn’t now. After that leaving them, I use the time to higher my vibration. Sometimes that’s the only thing you should do. When you are on high vibration some people just disappear from your life.

I must admit something. I am inspired to write this because I recently ended one toxic relationship with my boss. Most of the time she was unsatisfied with the work of me and other colleagues. Her focus was all the time on what was wrong instead of the good things you bring on the table. I feel free now, I have new clients who are satisfied with my work and results are better every day.

Business woman

When you have the courage to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. Or when one door closes, another and better doors open. Try and see, it is true!

Did you recognize your story in my sentences? Share it with me!

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