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Wedding Dress Like in Fairy tale ! Grace Kelly Dress is Still an Inspiration to Many Designers !

grace kelly wedding

No one can look like Grace Kelly – she was the most beautiful blonde of her time. I am sure that if she was alive today she will be irresistible. That kind of perfection has even to age beautifully, said a few years ago designer Karl Lagerfeld.

 grace kelly wedding 1956

The style icon and a woman who is becoming an actress and Princess of irresistible beauty and charisma managed to achieve the dream of every girl, Grace Kelly, proved that fairy tales do exist.

About how Grace Kelly of little ugly duckling become a beautiful swan, were told various stories and how her beauty above all inspired the famous Hitchcock, and than how she seduced greatest seducers in 20. century and made a prince of a small kingdom to marry her. grace kelly

The legendary actress Grace Patricia Kelly was born on 12 November in 1929. in Philadelphia as the third child of John and Margaret Kelly. Her family was very wealthy, and her father made his fortune as a building contractor. Her childhood was marked by two things – faith and sports. The family that his father’s side came from Ireland was strictly Catholic and cherished motto: Healthy body, healthy mind. Mr. Kelly was proud of all his children, except the Grace that was pale kid and did not fit into his vision of a healthy world. At 17, after graduating from high school, Grace has left Philadelphia and moved to New York where she was in 1947. enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. During the study Grace supported herself by working in the modeling and filming commercials for television.

Her colleagues describe her as a student who is constantly working on herself, so that at the end of the college her managed to speak with pure British accent. Her first stage debut Kelly got on Broadway in 1949. in the play August Spielberg Father. However, soon after the first engagement she decided to move to Southern California to be tried out in the film. The first roll has received when she was twenty-two years old in the film Fourteen hours, although episodic,with this role she opened the door to Hollywood.

Romance between Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco began in May, in 1955. year, the time of the Cannes Film Festival. Fate, or something else, only on that day they both changed rest of their lives. Those who was there say that was love at first sight. Grace Kelly Wedding Back then he had a long relationship with a French actress, she was unable to give him a long-desired child. When he met Grace, the love between them was born, apparently, at first glance. Soon they began to link, and the prince marry actress three days after he met her with the rest of his family.

Their love story the world looked like a romantic fairy tale – a prince and queen of Hollywood.

The civil wedding was held on 18th April 1956 , a church wedding 19th April 1956. The first wedding was held in the palace and was attended only by family members and close friends . The couple, after the ceremony, briefly appeared on the balcony and wave at the assembled visitors, and besides, there was a reception for about three thousand residents of Monaco, so everyone got a chance to shake hands with the new princess. The wedding was attended by about six hundred guests, including numerous celebrities – Cary Grant , Ava Gardner , Aristotle Onassis , David Niven and thanks to the television transmission it is estimated that it was followed by about thirty million people across the globe. The magnificent six-story wedding cake is cut by the prince with a sword and a picture of smiling spouses toured the world.grace kelly

Grace Kelly wedding dress is one of the most copied ever. Grace Kelly for her civil wedding day has chose a modest and elegant two-piece set of bright pink taffeta with black lace sewn. She was wearing a hat.

kate, grace and nicole

On the second day, the bride wore a wedding dress designer Helen Rose , a gift from the film studio ” MGM ” long veil and a whopping 82 meters. Her wedding dress was done six weeks, and is sewn of silk, tulle, taffeta and l Brussels lace 125 years old. Bouquet was of lily of the valley, and she had a small Bible, with the decorated cover. The bride was accompanied by her six bridesmaids (including brought them with her sister Peggy) dressed in robes of yellow silk, and the bride was accompanied by two pages and four little bridesmaids, all dressed in white.

Grace Kelly wedding dress is considered as one of the best ever sewn, and what is its impact we saw two years ago, when Kate Middleton at her wedding was wearing a dress obviously inspired by creation that Grace was wore six decades ago. grace kelly and Keit The groom was dressed in a military uniform in the style of Napoleon, which he designed for the occasion. Newly married couple’s honeymoon spent on a cruise of the Mediterranean, yachts Part Huvante, who was the groom’s gift to his beautiful wife.

Image of smiling bride and groom went around the world and their country soon became a haven for gamblers and rich.

Balance and harmony that prevailed around the royal family is cut short when Kelly has a serious car accident 13 September in 1982, returning with her daughter Stephanie to travel the French Riviera.

Actress died the next day, 14 September in 1982.

After her death, Rainier has not remarried, and in the public always appeared with their children.
Rainier died 6 April 2005, and his closest friends claimed that he never got over the loss of his wife .
“Before my marriage, I didn’t think about all the obligations that were awaiting me. My experience has proved useful and I think that I have a natural propensity to feel compassion for people and their problems.” Grace Kelly

grace kelly wedding

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