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What do Men Really Think About Your Body!

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Perhaps this will shock you my dears, but men look at your body different than you do. When you look in the mirror, you see all the possible flaws, but when your man looks at you, he sees a woman that he would like to end up in bed with, sooner or later.

There is always something that you don’t like about your body but there will always be some man who will love parts of your body that you are not proud, he will not even notice “possible flaws” that you think you have.

Men see your body in three ways, and none of them match the way you see your own body.

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1. Men Only Notice What Makes you Feminine!

This means that when a man looks at you, he immediately noticed the things that make you a woman: breasts, hips, butt, curves, and even the way you walk. It is almost impossible for a man to notice anything else until he reads your body, which says, “I’m a woman”. Flabby arms are not on his list. Your cellulite is not on his list. Your stretch marks are not on his list. Remember that!

2. Men Only See the Things That Makes you Unique!

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You are ashamed of your broken tooth, but he thinks it’s adorable! Cellulite? He does not see it because it is too close to your butt, which he is certainly more interested in. You do not like your thin lips, but he really loves them when you smile. When a man notices any part of your body that you feel is disgusting, he thinks it makes you unique.

3. Men Only see Your Flaws if you Constantly Draw Attention to Them!

When you constantly complain about your body, his desire for you will be reduced. In other words, the more you complain about yourself the more you will push him away. Don’t look for your flaws and be confident, be comfortable in your own skin, highlight your best attributes, only then, he will want you even more.

Celebrate Your Body!

Be sure of one thing: the men will always choose the right woman than “perfect” Barbie.

Of course you want to have a healthy and tight body. But in the meantime, do not let the problems you have with your body affect his desire for you. You deserve all of his attention!

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