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Are you spending hours on getting ready for a first date, trying to figure out what to wear and what to say?

Here what man’s said thay really want from a woman on the first date.


Funny and relaxed

Show your intelligence and that you are funny and relaxed, so that he can feel comfortable in your company, rather than talking about where you went to college and how much you hate your boss.

Casual touches

By this we don’t mean on groping or making out, but lean in and touch him when you’re talking. If you interested, let your body language show it.

Something Red

Red is always association on love and romance, and men are more attracted to women who wear red. You don’t need to drape yourself all in red — just add red accessories like a glossy red patent bag, red strappy heels and of course, glossy red lipstick

Natural look and sense

Men prefer natural looking women. The only thing women need, is to believe in the fact that they are beautiful regardless of what they visually look like. Don’t wear a heavy perfume — most men hate that.

So girls just be natural,sexy and relaxed. . Just be yourself !!!


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