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Why You Should Be Unique ?

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Picture a scenario where everybody acts the same way – they are all polite or they are all rude. Picture a scenario where everybody dresses the same – everybody wears the same red t-shirt or everybody wears the same blue jeans. Picture a scenario where everybody has their house decorated the same way – wherever you go, the sofas and armchairs are put in the exact same position as everywhere … these types of hypothetical scenarios can go on and on – to what this leads to?

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The answer is simple – it least to boredom beyond imagination. We are people, and as people we get tiered of feeling the same way every day; we get tired of wearing the same clothes day after day; we get tired of looking in the same interior designs over and over again and fell like we never left our home.

Being unique is something that is imprinted in our biorhythm. We cannot be all the same no matter how much we try to. There are lots of people on the world that copy others, but they eventually get the idea why they should be unique.

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Having your own type of behavior – good or bad – defines you in front of the world. People will know you because of your humor, your sarcasms or some small negative moments. Wearing different and stylish clothes will define your looks on taste for fashion or beauty. The different interior home design is also capable of defining your best view on how you like to spend your private life every day.
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These three examples are just the tip of the iceberg of the big Unique answer. Being different from everybody else is not a bad thing. We all like to meet different people, talk about different things with different people, like to go in different places with different people. With some we can be open and say what we want, with others we tend to be formal and etc.

It was Oscar Wilde that once said “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”.

What Oscar Wilde wants to say is that every human being has his own individual signature, an individual mark that he needs to make. If we all try to copy others, then we’ll become a boring person in other people’s eyes. There is nothing unique in us that can make people turn their heads and pay attention to us.

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To be unique is to have your own style, to have you own view of things that surround you. Don’t expect everybody to agree with your opinions, but do expect a lot of respect and gratitude form the ones that recognize that you are unique.

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If you have unique things to offer with your manners and style of living, others will be drawn to your attention since you have developed a way to express sincerity. Realistic people will give you their sincere opinion, and whether you like it or not, know that that opinion is sincere and worth a lot more than the one you got from a hypocrite.

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