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“Sex and the City” Contin...

sex and the city 111

Living in New York City requires you to be attached by umbilical cord to your phone. First of all, it gives you the opportunity to talk to your friends any time and anywhere, not to miss their calls or messages, it gives you opportunity to attend a business meeting without actually having to be there, […]

2 Powerful Advice From Men That Every...


I have to share with you what I’ve heard couple of days ago from two very good friends of mine – I won’t say or use their names because I don’t want to make them upset. I started hearing the comments lately “I hope you won’t put me in your blog” :-), not only from […]

What 5 Minutes in a 10 million Dollar...

Luxury appt NYC

Last night I was a part of something wonderful, a part of the Charity event. Through my lovely country’s royal family, whom I’ve met at a Charity Fashion Show in April. I was invited to view this gorgeous penthouse in Financial District, in the New York City. The proceeds of the ticket which included hors […]

Do You Belive That Dreams DO Come Tru...

Team Fashion 2015

World is watching you Last Wednesday in Hilton hotel in Midtown of New York City was held IMTA – International model and talent association. IMTA is the biggest contest on the world of young models, aspiring actors, future rock star singers and dancers. It gathers most influential agents, cast directors and managers in fashion and show […]

Find Out Why Is New York so Special?

New York City 2015

Hi My Dears – Long time I didn’t talk to you. I don’t know what have you done in past two months since I talk to you – but I can tell you that I’ve accomplished a lot and I am still working on some things :-). You know it’s not easy to be a […]

I Will Never Do it Again! 5 Reasons W...

rebound relationship - female fatal

My Dears I’m absolutely sure that you experienced rebound relationship at least once in life. Did you? I’m presenting you the story our loyal reader Sarah Williams. Let me know do you agree with her :-)? Therefore enjoy in reading and I hope you will exclamations lesson from this ;-). Sarah Williams is a full-time […]

Me And My “BERTA” Experie...

Berta NYC

Saturday – April 18th was a most thrilling day for me – It was a great honor to get invitation from my favorite wedding designer “Berta” to visit them in Marriott Essex House NYC during their NY Bridal Market. My Dears I can not explain that feeling – I went inside the room and I […]

Find Out Why Helping Other People Mak...

Les Couleurs Charity

Last week in New York City was crazy busy for me, in addition to my regular job, I attended so many events! ☺ Les Couleurs Charity Organization had their latest Event in a series of monthly event’s.  I’ve never mentioned this wonderful Charity Organization where I volunteer – so I’ll tell you about it now! “The three main […]

Peek Into The Display Windows of The ...

Louis Vuitton

Hi My Dears, Every day, I walk by the gorgeous display windows of many worldwide known brands on 5th Avenue in New York City. I’d like to share them and this season’s new collections with you! You already know that a good display window is critically important: “A good display window can sell hundreds, even thousands, of dollars’ […]

The Most Exceptional Berta Wedding Dr...

Berta 2015

There is no better way to start a new Female Fatal chapter other than telling you about the New 2015 Collection of BERTA wedding dresses! I am excited to announce her NYC Trunk Show in April. The moment I saw her amazing gowns, I felt as if I’d been looking for them all my life, […]

New Life – New Chapter – ...

Thank You

After more than a year, Female Fatal is back – a BIG THANK YOU to my dear readers, for your loyalty and patience. There won’t be many changes – I decided to continue what I was doing before, but this time will be more fun and a little bit more personal ☺. I will write […]

5 Secrets For Better Sleeping and Fee...

morning waking up

They say that there’s nothing more refreshing than a good night’s sleep, but if you are someone who tosses and turns, that feels like a bad joke! The truth is that good sleep is essential to your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Whether you’ve been having some trouble drifting off or you just think that […]

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