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5 Things That You Cannot Share With N...

make up

1. SOAP ! Soap is used for personal hygiene, you can not share soap because soap can transmit a variety of bacteria. 2. HAIRBRUSH ! All you put on your head you do not share with anyone, this includes and bedding that touch your face and head. It is important that these items are only yours, […]

Let Your Hair Shine This Summer With ...


These summer hairstyles I will devote to the braids. They are a totally hit these summer . It’s not only they are in trend this summer they are also very practical, can save you in situations where you don’t have time to wash hair or to blow-dry it and with them you will always look […]

Isn’t it Time to Take Care of Your Bo...

limun i voda

We are what we eat – this goes the same for our skin , hair and nails. Keeping a healthy diet not only reflects our physical and mental health, but it also affects the strength and looks of the skin, hair and nails. Here are the 10 healthiest foods which can make all three look […]