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What Makeup Look Men Likes On Women?

What Makeup Look Men Likes On Women?

Men likes the smokey eyes look, because then your eyes look bigger, and even though you believe that men are falling off his feet while you smiling seductively with red lipstick, the truth is that most guys prefer neutral lipstick.  Natural look Men  likes  when a girl doesn’t wear any makeup at all. Yes  it […]

Top 9 Make Up Trends For Winter 2013/...

Black line

1. The Thin Black Line 2. “No Make Up” Fres-Skined Look 3. Red Nails 4. Graphic Eyes and Pale Lips 5. Dark Methallic Shadow 6. Berry Lips 7. Feature Brows 8. Hitchcock-style Femininity 9. Blush-Free Faces

5 Things That Are For Men More Attrac...


  Appearance certainly attracts “at first sight”, but what men like in women often has nothing to do with looks, bra size, whether the hair is long or short, and other similar matters. Here’s which  things are more important than your appearance: 1. BE  SPONTANEOUS Spontaneous girl know how to adapt to any situation, she […]

Isn’t it Time to Take Care of Your Bo...

limun i voda

We are what we eat – this goes the same for our skin , hair and nails. Keeping a healthy diet not only reflects our physical and mental health, but it also affects the strength and looks of the skin, hair and nails. Here are the 10 healthiest foods which can make all three look […]

13 Proven Steps To Beat Stress!

relaxing at home

1. Relax every day! Lack of time is no excuse to not take a daily 15 minutes to yourself. Find a hobby that is interesting for you, take a walk with friends, read a good book, start with yoga exercises … do everything what relaxes you. 2. Take control of your time! With good organization […]