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“Sex and the City” Contin...

sex and the city 111

Living in New York City requires you to be attached by umbilical cord to your phone. First of all, it gives you the opportunity to talk to your friends any time and anywhere, not to miss their calls or messages, it gives you opportunity to attend a business meeting without actually having to be there, […]

I Will Never Do it Again! 5 Reasons W...

My Dears I’m absolutely sure that you experienced rebound relationship at least once in life. Did you? I’m presenting you the story our loyal reader Sarah Williams. Let me know do you agree with her :-)? Therefore enjoy in reading and I hope you will exclamations lesson from this ;-). Sarah Williams is a full-time […]

Find Out Why Helping Other People Mak...

Les Couleurs Charity

Last week in New York City was crazy busy for me, in addition to my regular job, I attended so many events! ☺ Les Couleurs Charity Organization had their latest Event in a series of monthly event’s.  I’ve never mentioned this wonderful Charity Organization where I volunteer – so I’ll tell you about it now! “The three main […]

Make Him Realize How Important You Ar...

sad couple

You love him a lot and he loves you too. Things were pretty good between both of you in the beginning, but lately something seems to be not fine. You hardly find time to spend for each other, and it is because of his busy schedule. It is annoying you, but there is nothing much […]

9 Powerful Love Advices From Celebrit...


It not really easy to keep marriage or be in quality relationship, and this is especially true of the famous celebrities whose private lives dragged by the media. Despite this, some of their statements and attitudes may help you. “Trust is very important in a relationship. I do not like someone saying what he thinks […]

If You Want to Turn ON Your Man– Don&...


The biggest turn offs or better said, don’t do this to your man if you want to have good sex life . And the list goes like this: 1. Too much make up – Although make up makes you look pritty, too much make up is one of of the biggest turn offs for men. […]