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FF Top 5 Best Makeup Trends For Sprin...

FF Top 5 Best Makeup Trends For Spring 2014!

Carrot, tangerine, pumpkin orange lips, cat eyes, colorful eyeshadow,gilded lids these gorgeous makeup trends will be on all our faces before we know it 🙂 So my dear FF start practicing now as we present top 5 most gorgeous makeup trends for  Spring 2014 ! I can’t wait to put this orange lipstick on my lips 🙂What is your favorite makeup trend for […]

For Only 10 Minutes to Fuller Eyebrow...

Cara 3

Trends have changed when it comes to eyebrows. What used to be the trend were thinner, feminine looking eyebrows. While the idea is still to look feminine, fuller eyebrows are in demand nowadays. There are a few simple steps that can be done at home to achieve this look without any major overhauls needing to […]

Perfect Makeup Ideas for New Year Eve...

Make up 2

My dear Females Fatal what would I recommend you for the New Year’s Eve are the makeup that will not be too heavy, do not put too much liquid foundation on your face so that your skin can breathe. Just put light liquid foundations as a base, which will be fixed with a little loose […]

Halloween Is Nearly Here! Here are so...

Halloween Is Nearly Here! Here are some amazing halloween makeup inspirations!

Getting ready for Halloween? This time you want to have the scariest costume at the Halloween party?  Makeup is very important part of Halloween costumes. Here are some amazing halloween makeup inspirations!

It’s spring time! Start Your Se...

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1.  Put some make-up and do your hair with no clothes on. Create a harmony with your body from early in the morning and you’ll be aware of the various sensations throughout the next 12 hours. 2.  Put on sexy lingerie under your office clothes. The sexy secret you have under the clothes will turn on […]

Have You Ever Asked Your-Self: ”...

beautiful skin

1. Be Self-Confident! With make up you will feel more confidence! The first thing a person usually notices on you is your face. When you put make up on you will be ready for the world and confident in proceeding threw the day.This doesn’t not mean that you couldn’t be confident without the make up. […]