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What do Men Really Think About Your B...

nice ....

Perhaps this will shock you my dears, but men look at your body different than you do. When you look in the mirror, you see all the possible flaws, but when your man looks at you, he sees a woman that he would like to end up in bed with, sooner or later. There is […]

Make Him Realize How Important You Ar...

sad couple

You love him a lot and he loves you too. Things were pretty good between both of you in the beginning, but lately something seems to be not fine. You hardly find time to spend for each other, and it is because of his busy schedule. It is annoying you, but there is nothing much […]

Finally, Guys – Are Revealed !

man crying

Completely by accident, I’ve found an article, of course in one of those magazines for the girls, an article, which is saying that men are the ones who are gossiping, crying, being jealous, and denying all of those things. And as it is kind of my area of interest, I’ve decided to share some of […]

5 Things That Are For Men More Attrac...


  Appearance certainly attracts “at first sight”, but what men like in women often has nothing to do with looks, bra size, whether the hair is long or short, and other similar matters. Here’s which ¬†things are more important than your appearance: 1. BE ¬†SPONTANEOUS Spontaneous girl know how to adapt to any situation, she […]